The Platform

Capture feedback right away

SmileBack’s simple, visual survey goes directly in the email that concludes your support process. Your clients leave feedback with one click, as close to the interaction as possible.

Get automated alerts about new feedback

Every time you get a reaction, SmileBack sends you a notification. That way, you can address any issues before clients cancel. Plus, use the other automation tools to implement a consistent follow-up process.

Turn responses into actionable data

When it’s easy for people to leave feedback, you get higher response rates. With more data to analyze, you can set smarter goals and KPIs. And SmileBack’s integrations let you report on that data in the other systems you use most.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace

Every IT company says they deliver the best service. You can prove it. The SmileBack Website Widget displays your real-time satisfaction score right on your homepage
for clients and prospects to see.

Celebrate your team’s successes

Use SmileBack’s management tools to identify telling metrics about your team’s performance. Reward stand-out service to motivate your techs and service engineers.

See inside the platform with a proven 40% average response rate.

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